This is the World's Largest Multi-Touch Display Wall

By itself, the 55-inch MultiTaction display created by Finland's MultiTouch Ltd is already great. But combine 24 of them and you have the most ridiculously massive multi-touch display wall the world has ever seen. Created by UK-based Engage Production, the monstrous installation measures in at approximately 32.5 ft x 9.8 ft.

Multitaction Multitouch Display

As you can see from the video, all 24 MultiTaction displays work together to track a virtually limitless number of simultaneous touch inputs. The wall was created as part of a unique communications facility made to show off a number of consumer changes resulting from the recent advancements in technology. Capable of tracking hands, real world objects, optical markers, IR pens and more at a gesture tracking rate of up to 200 frames per second, the wall is a brilliant display of how much multitouch technology has evolved over the years.


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  • belardo
    They just got sued by Apple.

    rectangle shape, may fool people into thinking its an iPhone5.
  • thorkle
    Now just eliminate the bezels...
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  • luciferano
    Someone could get a large group of people to test its multi-touch limits. I'd like to find out just how limited "virtually limitless" really is.
  • Martin9630
    try playing Angry Birds on that.
  • thorkle
    Now just eliminate the bezels...