EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win is a Dual-Fermi Card

EVGA today took the wraps off of its dual GPU video card, which takes two GeForce GTX 460 chips and puts them into one. EVGA is calling it the "2Win," which is kind of cute.

In terms of specs, you've got the 700 MHz GPU, 672 CUDA Cores, 400 MHz RAMDAC. It packs 2048 MB of 512 bit GDDR5 running at 3600 MHz (effective) with 230.4 GB/s memory bandwidth.

To power this bad boy, you're going to need a minimum of a 700 Watt power supply and two available 8-pin PCI-E power dongles. The EVGA recommends a minimum power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 46 Amps.

Feast your eyes on more pictures of it below:

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  • jryan388
    Price? I'll bet it costs about as much as a 570...
  • gidgiddonihah
    ??? It should cost right around what the 6990 costs, more or a little less depending on performance.
  • reprotected
    If the price is $400 or less, it has no dual card performance loss (common with the GTX 295 and HD4870 where they cannot compare to the GTX 280), and it does not suck up more than a GTX 480, then this is a great deal.