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It’s getting harder to buy a gaming monitor without adaptive refresh but if you’re OK with just 144Hz, there are some great deals available. We know that G-Sync adds around $200 to the price and even FreeSync monitors are sold at a premium. When framerates are high, tearing is less evident and the action becomes very smooth and fluid. While we recommend adaptive refresh for any new gaming monitor purchase, you can still have a great playing experience with one of these budget screens.

June 2016 144Hz Gaming Monitor Updates

There are no new additions to the 144Hz Gaming Monitor recommended list this month.

Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors

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  • shrapnel_indie
    waiting for a review on this one: Asus MG28UQ: (Going for as low as $513.54 USD right now) UHD, FreeSync, USB 3.0 that can charge devices, HDMA 2.0 & HDMA 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2? 1.3?

    EDIT: Yay! you did review it! (recently too):,4683.html
  • Verrin
    I own an Acer XG270HU, great monitor. You have to be careful when buying it though, because some of their early production models had a firmware bug that prevented the overdrive from working properly, leading to some nasty ghosting/blur. I had to send mine in to get the firmware updated, and it wasn't a fun process. But once I got it back, I've been nothing but happy with the quality and features of this panel. IMHO FreeSync/G-Sync is probably the greatest development in gaming in the last decade.
  • rahulkadukar
    When are you planning to review Acer XB271HU, next year ?

    This list is a joke, arguably the best gaming monitor in the world is not even on the list.
  • mortsmi7
    I guess I'm the only one who desires an increase in picture quality/pixel density over screen realestate. I'll take my cheaper 1440p 27" IPS instead of a 1440p 32" LED any day.
  • apertotes
    I wish that you had added contrast to the chart. The same can be said about the professional monitors article. I really believe it is the single most important attribute on a monitor.
  • Achoo22
    I threw up in my mouth a little when I read the first line of the Asus PG279Q review: "Users looking to build a no-holds-barred rig can literally create an all-Asus system made up of premium components that deliver only the highest performance." Guerilla marketing with sponsored content much? Shame on you, Toms, for being complicit.
  • SinxarKnights
    Anonymous said:
    When are you planning to review Acer XB271HU, next year ?

    It is the same monitor with more inputs (really, it is exactly the same except the inputs).

    Glad I picked the Acer XB270HU, So good. Sadly mine has already developed two dead pixels in the lower left corner. Unfortunately it doesn't count as a defect for the Acer warranty and B&H won't exchange it after 90 days for dead pixels.
  • MorningstarZero
    The link and pricing you have for the AOC G2460PQ in the article is wrong. The link takes you to Amazon for the AOC G2460PQU, a similar monitor to the AOC G2460PQ except for one small problem... the PQU DOESN'T have G-Sync. The pricing appears to be closely made off the PQU which is currently $228 (I'm guessing the price changed after this article was written.)

    Here's the link for the G2460PQ:
    It's currently selling for $414.
  • sunny420
    You mention in the updates, "This month, LG makes the cut with its 34UC98..."
    I'm not seeing any information about this monitor in the article.
  • Mopar63
    I daily use the Nixeus NX-VUE24A and the BenQ XL2730Z, I ditched my IPS gaming monitors for the amazing smooth game play I can get with both of these. While they are TN panels the game play experience in no way suffers and the Freesync implementation in both is outstanding.

    I wanted to love the Acer XR341CK and bought one, then promptly returned it. Early reviews got cherry picked samples, general consumer buying was a lottery and most ended with an issue. Attempts to get support where treated with bored indifference and I know two different people that went through 3 RMAs before getting a monitor with few enough issues to keep. (They had to pay for shipping each time and Acer would not offer to compensate after the first RAM was a failure as well) Seeing all these horror stories I chose the refund route.

    I am hearing that the QA issues have finally been resolved but I feel that for the price point quality should not be a crap shoot, but the norm.
  • Wamphryi
    I own a Phillips 4K 40 inch Monitor and it is an awesome screen in just about all respects. I got it for just over $1000 NZ and have never looked back. 4K works very well on the 40 inch with no DPI scaling required.
  • sillynilly
    That AOC 24" does NOT have Gsync at that price point. Sheesh Tom's get it straight!
  • misu el gato
    thank you very much for the list guys, just a quick suggestion if i may. is it possible for you guys to put a min-max freesync range on the charts?. for example something like; "Freesync Range 30-144 Hz" instead of just the max refresh rate.

    besides that thank you for always the amazing work
  • DogFarts
    I'm curious why the Dell Gaming S2716DG wasn't included for G-sync monitors? Considering I picked one up on sale last month for ~$480 after seeing some of the quality control issues on some of the Asus monitors.
  • Merry_Blind
    I ordered the BenQ VZ2470h last week. I'm supposed to receive it today or tomorrow. I can't wait!!! You guys better not be exaggerating about its image quality, because I'm expecting it to be stellar!
  • SinisterMessiah
    What is the deal with this? All of these monitors are x1080 resolution. What about those of us that have the hardware to push higher resolution that want there a quality 35 inch gaming monitor out that that can support higher than 1080 and higher than 60hz?
  • kunstderfugue
    If you get a chance to review the AOC G2460PF that'd be great. I suspect it's the same panel as the G2460PQU but it supports freesync and is cheaper at the moment.
  • meric_
    I'm looking for a high hz (120-144) IPS monitor. Don't care for g-sync or freesync. resolution 1080 is enough. 27" would be better ofcourse but dont mind 23" too. Any suggestions? I can't find anyting that needs tons of money cause they all have g-sync or freesync or 2k-4k. I don't mind them. I have gtx 1070 and it can produce more then 100 FPS in most games. I just want to see those frames with IPS quality. that's all I'm asking :)