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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon: Performance & Value

3D Studio Max is the second professional application to prove the value of added cores, handing October’s $1,500 system a huge lead over the current $1,250 PC. Once again the $625 gamer takes a similarly-impressive lead over October’s $500 configuration.

While it’s used by many professionals, Adobe Photoshop acts like a consumer-level application by ignoring the added processing centers of October’s $1,500 PC and instead offering performance based on clock speed alone.

The $1,250 and $625 builds are too close for comfort in AVG virus scanning, considering the price difference. A configuration issue prevented us from showing October’s $1,500 PC results.

WinRAR results are a little more difficult to interpret, likely because they rely on several factors including hard drive performance.

Winzip gets no noticeable advantage from October’s Core 2 Quad, as the former $1,500 build is outpaced even by our current $625 PC. We also see remarkable progress over October’s $500 system.

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