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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Extreme P55: Four LGA 1156 Motherboards Over $250

EVGA’s lead in 3DMark is far smaller than the difference between consecutive runs, so we can consider this gaming-oriented motherboard essentially matched with Asus’ more broadly-focused part.

EVGA takes a more noteworthy lead in PCMark Vantage.

Only clock speed differences could differentiate motherboards in Sandra’s CPU tests, so it’s no surprise that the three boards with a 133.7 MHz base clock edge out the one with a 133.2 MHz base clock. Overclockers can disregard these results, since clock-for-clock performance is unaffected.

Asus appears to use slightly more aggressive advanced memory timings than MSI. We only set the basic four (tCAS-tRP-tRCD-tRAS), plus the DRAM-command rate manually.

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