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Component Installation

System Builder Marathon: High-Cost System

Every component in this marathon's high-end configuration was selected to fit together perfectly, yet it is a bit more complicated than the average build. We decided to take a quick walkthrough of component installation to help the less-initiated understand the process.

We began by removing the slide-out motherboard tray from the Silverstone Temjin TJ09 case, installing standoffs in the appropriate locations for each of the motherboard's mounting holes.

With the tray out of the way, we could more easily reach the mounting screws for the intake fan duct assembly. Holes in the side allow access to its mounting screws, which require a #2 Phillips screwdriver for removal. We then removed the front half of the assembly from the outer shell using screws at the top and bottom.

With the intake duct disassembled, we replaced the original fan mounting screws with the longer screws of the Swiftech H20-120 kit. These engage in threaded holes in the radiator to hold the radiator and fan in place. The forward portion of the intake duct was then replaced.

The Silverstone SST-RADSUPPORT09 brackets attach to the dual 120 mm fan radiator using short screws left over from the H20-120 installation kit. This is also the best time to install the 3/8" hose barbs and Scythe cooling fans.

Removal of the Temjin TJ09's two fan mounts allows installation of the dual 120 mm radiator assembly in its place. Notice the four screws near the upper edge of the photo, which align with four grooves in the lip of the top panel. Four corresponding mounting screws were also used on the other side. Also note that the SST-RAIDSUPPORT09 uses fine-thread screws rather than the course-thread screws that accompanied the original fan mounts; the correct screws can be found in the case's hardware pack.

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