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Lenovo Legion 5 Packs RTX 2060 for $1,199 for Cyber Monday

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i
(Image credit: Lenovo)

The end of the year means Cyber Monday laptop deals on some of the best laptops from earlier this year, plus second chances for laptops that perform well but were a little too pricey at launch. Take the respectable Lenovo Legion 5, which we thought has strong performance but was a little too expensive for its specs when we reviewed it this August. But now that it's just $1,199 on Newegg, its i7-10750H CPU, two-drive storage and RTX 2060 make it an enticing buy. 

Lenovo Legion 5: was $1,399 now $1,199 at Newegg

Lenovo Legion 5: was $1,399 now $1,199 at Newegg

The Lenovo Legion 5 is $200 off at Newegg and comes with an i7-10750H, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, a 256GB SSD and an FHD IPS screen.

The particular config Newegg has on sale right now uses a 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD for storage, plus 16GB of RAM and the aforementioned i7-10750H CPU and RTX 2060 GPU. Its display tops out at 60H, but is IPS and has a purported 300 nits of brightness.

Part of the draw here is the keyboard, which is similar to the well-respected typers you’ll find on Lenovo’s ThinkPads (today has seen plenty of Cyber Monday X1 Carbon deals as well). The config we reviewed earlier this year also had strong productivity performance, specifically on file transfer speed, and though this config is a little different, it does have the same processor, graphics card and RAM.

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