Samsung 860 Pro SSD Drops to New Low at Amazon

Samsung 860 Pro
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As Black Friday approaches, vendors are dropping prices left and right on our favorite hardware. It can be hard to sort out the deals from the duds, so we created a page dedicated to finding you the best deals on tech. We update it every day, so check back often!

Today we're highlighting a new low offer for the Samsung 860 Pro internal SSD, which you can now buy for $99 at Amazon. We first published a Samsung 860 Pro review back in 2018, but the 1TB edition is still more than relevant enough to maintain a spot on our best SSDs of 2020 list.

Samsung 860 Pro SSD 512GB: was $149, now $99 @Amazon

Samsung 860 Pro SSD 512GB: was $149, now $99 @Amazon
This internal SSD from Samsung has a maximum storage capacity of 512 GB. It has a 2.5" form factor and is currently listed at a new low price through Amazon.

The Samsung 860 Pro features a 2.5" form factor, and you will need an open SATA III interface to use this SSD. It doesn't have a large footprint, measuring in at 2.76" x .28" x 3.94" and weighing only 2.12 ounces. The drive has a read/write speed of 560 / 530 MBps.

The 33% discount is for the 512GB edition but applies also to the 1TB edition. There are smaller discounts available for the 256GB and 2TB models. A 4TB model is also available but is currently listed at full price.

Go to the Samsung 860 Pro product page on Amazon for checkout options and more details. The discount is listed without an expiration date, so it's not clear for how long it will be made available.

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  • cyrusfox
    860 pro is still over priced compared to its competitition even if it is still the clear winner in speed and endurance.

    I fully agree that the 860 PRO is the highest performing SATA SSD drive out on the market (Random read/write) and at 1200 R/W cycles, it is rather robust and will outsurive the system that is using it. But I would contend that for the vast majority of consumerers, any budget option with DRAM cache, such as S31, would be a better buy. Those savings could be put into a higher capacity drive or that money could be saved for other purposes. It's rare one owuld choose SATA ssd anymore on a new system (M.2 taking over the market) unless we are talking about platform upgrade, so this is a space that is dwindling. Regardless the perceptive improvement between these class of SATA drives (DRAM cached TLC drives) vs the 860 pro isn't worth the 35% mark up. Even DRAM-less drives are starting to catch up as well as inventive caching schemes with QLC. unfortunately SATA is not seeing too much ofthat innovation due to that locked 6Gbps SATA III bus(No 870/980 pro for sata, samsung only releasing new QVO drives).
  • Makaveli
    These discounts are only available on the US site not

    You should add the .com to the title.
  • Alex Vojacek
    I will pick a true MLC drive over any QLC drive any day. I'm so sick of caching techniques. I prefer spending more money on memory and doing caching myself and then knowing exactly the speed the drive will have instead of the drive throttling whenever the cache is filled.