Get $55 Off This WD Black SN850 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD at Newegg

WD Black SN850
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NVMe SSDs are as fast as they are expensive, especially when you pick PCIe 4.0 models with blistering fast sequential read/write speeds. That is why we’re big fans of this special offer over on Newegg.

For a limited time, the WD Black SN850 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD is down from $229, to just $174 with a limited promo code.

WD Black SN850 1TB: was $229 now $174 at Newegg with code 93XQW38

WD Black SN850 1TB: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $229 now $174 at Newegg with code 93XQW38
Jump on the PCIe Gen 4 superhighway with speeds up to 7000MB/s read and 5300MB/s write, all in a compact package with all the durability you know and love from Western Digital storage products.

Check out our WD Black SN850 review and you will see why this is such a big deal. Seriously competitive performance for gamers and pros, a large, dynamic SLC cache, stylish design, a fully-featured software package and a 5-year warranty make this an ideal choice.

And in our own testing, the WD Black SN850 stood head and shoulders above competing SSDs and rivaled the equally great Samsung 980 Pro. Provided your build has PCIe 4.0 support and plenty of cooling (as the SN850 can run a little hot), this is a powerful option for enthusiasts and professionals at this price.

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  • gravagehulk
    Nah. Newegg isn’t getting any business from me again after the way they’ve been handling these “shuffles”. I don’t support scalpers.
  • Brillis Wuce
    will.frame said:
    Nah. Newegg isn’t getting any business from me again after the way they’ve been handling these “shuffles”. I don’t support scalpers.
    How is that scalping?
  • HideOut
    Its the most effective way to prevent bots winning everything. The jacked up prices are all over. Try Bestbuy and B&H. Theya re even more ont he same GPU's.
  • gravagehulk
    Except they’re forcing bundles with garbage people don’t want. They are using the scarcity of GPUs to get rid of inventory that people aren’t buying. It’s extremely shady.