Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

In Practice

Office applications are one area where the L1950 performed honorably. Text was fairly sharp, but you'll have to lower the brightness a little to avoid being blinded. As mentioned above, this means the color rendering suffers.

Gaming is not out of the question, any more than it was with the L1915S ), which we tested 6 months ago. But that's precisely the problem: LG's entry-level monitors haven't kept up. Their performance is no longer up to standard, and for an equivalent price, you can find monitors on the market that use an 8 ms Samsung panel that are a much better deal.

Video isn't a strong point either, in particular because of a rather high level of video noise on color masses.


The L1950P didn't convince me, because I think you can find better entry-level monitors for very little additional money, and maybe even for less. Its aging panel reduces its value proposition.