Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?


Aside from a VGA connector, it's a desert out there... A classic entry-level product.

Entry-Level Colors, Too

The L1950's color rendering proved limited. Colors were a little warm, and after calibration we had the following curve:

It's nothing to be all that proud of. The colors lacked fidelity in the dark colors most of all. That's a recurring problem with LCD monitors, but others do better than this.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast

The black level is too high at the calibration point. That makes dark colors look dark gray, which is unpleasant, especially if you work with the lights off.

Fortunately, the contrast was fairly stable, so you can lower the brightness and get darker blacks. Unfortunately, the color rendering quickly deteriorates when you start to get away from the calibration point.