Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

We measured the uniformity of the panel's lighting.

As you can see, there are light leaks on the corners. Those will appear quite well when displaying a black image.

Old School Latency

Thanks to equipment that we have designed ourselves, we can measure the real latency of the device.

No surprises here - the 16 ms in the specs turns out to be 33 ms in real life. That was only to be expected from such a panel. However, considering the price, I was not looking for a miracle, either.

In Practice

The Soyo monitor had no problems with home and office applications. As DVI is available, I would suggest using it, as it improves sharpness a bit. When it comes to video games, however, the DYLMO19A doesn't quite have the fast performance required, which means that image lag and white shadows behind bright moving objects become noticeable. On the positive side, this screen is fast enough for video playback, although the noise level in video is also not entirely negligible. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are not very wide; the 160 degree angles claimed in the specs are quite optimistic here.


Considering that Soyo is just starting out in the display market, we can say that the DYLMO19A is not bad with respect to its pricing. But from a performance point of view, it is not up to par with a Hyundai B90A, for instance. Hopefully, Soyo will soon develop a new version with a faster panel - I know some people who would be willing to pay a bit more for 8 ms!