Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?


The E481S has two speakers that are worthless, as usual, but at least there's a DVI connector. A little USB hub would have been nice, but we'll just have to do without it.

Economy Of Scale

The Iiyama E481S uses a Samsung TN + Film 8 ms panel. 85% of the colors were perfect, but only 90% were correct.

We know this panel well, and its performance was confirmed again here. Colors were faithful, even if dark colors were harder to reproduce well. We're some distance from the ViewSonic VP191b here, which is still my preference, where that aspect is concerned.

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0.40187467: 1

For once, the brightness of this panel is at a good level. Well, let's say not too bad, since 187 nits is still a little too bright, but since most computer monitors nowadays are set at 200 to 220 nits at the factory, this Iiyama monitors is not so bad. The black level is in the average, about what you should expect from a TN + Film monitor.

Contrast was very stable, which means you can lower the brightness without losing too much detail in the image. That's always a plus.