Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

We had trouble understanding these next values, however. While the overall uniformity was average, the monitor's profile was quite mediocre. Fortunately we didn't notice many halos of light on black images.

I'll admit that I expected better performance here.

Quiet Force

Despite the use of an accelerated Samsung LTM190E04 PVA panel, Eizo has been prudent in their use of Overdrive. It's a good approach in terms of keeping video noise down, but obviously the latency readings won't match those of a VP191B.

In the worst case, latency reached 30 ms - just good enough for 30 frames per second, and the choice is no accident. The best reading was 18 ms, and that's what the manufacturer claims. But in all cases the overshoot is under perfect control, which results in very low video noise.