Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

LG L1950S

Not too long ago, we tested the L1940P and L1980U, which come from the same manufacturer, LG. Today we'll look at the L1950, a product aimed at the entry level. Some time ago, LG had what we judged to be the best monitors in that category, in particular its L1915S ) - an excellent product for gamers on tight budgets. Has LG done as well with this new offering?

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Diagonal measurement19 inches
Native resolution1280x1024
Brightness250 nits
Latency12 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles160 / 160
Average price$310


Well, I guess we should just come right out and say it: The L1950 is far from being as good as the L1980 and L1940. This is an entry-level monitor, and so simplicity seems to have been the rule of design, though the build quality is good, as is often the case with LG. As for the color, most manufacturers adopt a silver gray with an indifferent finish and often in dubious taste. LG has opted for a nicer-looking anthracite gray finish here.


The L1950 has only a tilt adjustment, though its range of movement is sufficient. LG's OSD is still a model of simplicity.