Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

Here again, there's no point in changing a winning team. The B90A did very well, with very good upper/lower symmetry.

8 Ms

Again the Samsung TN + Film panel showed its stuff.

Unfortunately, without Overdrive, performance was behind the VP191b.

In Practice

The monitor is usable for office applications, even if its brightness level is a little high for optimum comfort. Gaming, though, is one area where Samsung 8 ms panels always fulfill their potential. Except for highly demanding gamers, it's a very good choice. Video performance, unfortunately, suffers from the same problems often seen on this series of panels. The viewing angles are too narrow and video noise was fairly evident, even if the B90A did do better than the LG L1950 on that score.


You're broke and your monitor just died? And you still want to be able to play your favorite games? Then the B90A is for you. It's the entry-level monitor we recommend most out of the ones tested for this roundup.