Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?


Let's be frank - the two loudspeakers typically found on LCD monitors are useless, and that holds true here as well. However, to its credit, the DYLMO19A is the only monitor in this price class in our roundup to feature DVI and VGA. That's good news. Apart from that, the transformer is external, which means it will lie on your desk.

Rather Good Fidelity

I have seen better results from calibration, but the Soyo DYLMO19A is honest as far as color fidelity is concerned. 85% of the colors are perfect, 90% are at least correct.

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Black pointWhite pointContrast

Soyo didn't lie on the specs. Our measurements for contrast show 500:1, just as stated on paper. Unfortunately the black level is so high that it has quite a noticeable impact on the videos we played back on the DYLMO19A.

Speaking of contrast, its stability is not perfect. You can get the best contrast with around 20% light intensity or 100%. Color rendering is best at roughly 75%.