Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

The L1950 monitor had good uniformity in spite of everything. Most of the values were within 20% of the total range. The upper part of the display was as bright as the lower, which is a positive point. Unfortunately, dark images were still too light; so while our test L1950 didn't show too many halos, we still can't say it was a pleasant image to look at.

Old-Fashioned Latency

Coming out of our test, the LG1950 was behind the competition.

That was to be expected, since its 12 ms panel is no longer in the first blush of youth. Overall, its performance resembled the L1980U. Latency went well beyond 27 ms in the worst case. Of course in this price category you can't expect Overdrive.