Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Sony SDM-HS95P

For some time now we've been waiting for a monitor from Sony that was worthy of the brand's reputation. Until now, all the Sony monitors we've tested , for over a year, have been total disasters. The fact is that Sony is clinging to technologies that everyone complains about. That includes the disastrous X-Black filter - which turns your screen into a mirror when the image gets a little dark - and the classic MVA technology, which results in latency readings of more than 100 ms in the worst cases.

But this time, with the SDM-HS95P, Sony promises latency that's finally competitive, color rendering that's still just as good, perfect viewing angles, and an X-Black filter that's less reflective. So we decided to see if they can deliver.

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Diagonal measurement19 inches
Native resolution1280x1024
Brightness500 nits
Latency12 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles160 / 160
ConnectivityVGA, DVI
Average price$580


Sony's design expertise in no longer in doubt. The SDM-HS95P is a work of art, with a finish that's irreproachable. The materials are a blend of matte black plastic and steel for the base. It's really a magnificent object, and there's no doubt that the looks of Sony's products are what account for a good share of its sales. The Japanese firm was one of the first to understand that design counts as much as performance from the consumer's point of view. It's not rare for the desire to possess a beautiful object to get the upper hand over the need for performance, and the design of Sony's products ultimately adds to their users' comfort.


The monitor is very ergonomic; the buttons are easy to access, despite their being placed under the panel so as not to mar the looks of the SDM-HS95P. Sony could be criticized for its panel tilt system, which doesn't provide a lot of stability. You adjust the tilt of the SDM-HS95P's panel by pushing on it, which causes the metal stand on the back to slide. It maintains its position thanks to a powerful spring, but in certain positions, stability is not ensured.