Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

In Practice

The E481S is a good monitor for gaming, even on par with the very best models that were available six months ago. But time passes, and Overdrive panels are now at the top of the heap, though its responsiveness was still quite acceptable. For office applications, the E481S is easy to adjust to suit each person's needs for optimum ergonomics and user comfort. The E481S also offers DVI.

This panel's video performance is a known quantity, and the electronics seem to be of similar quality to what's used on other, similarly equipped monitors. Movies were watchable, but it clearly wasn't a Home Theater experience; for one thing, there was too much video noise. But the vertical viewing angle is what users will find most constraining.


If you are looking for a classic LCD with advanced ergonomics, consider going for the E481s. of course, it's not blazing fast, but the different stand tunings can help you get it into a comfortable working position suitable for long days of work.