Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

Uniformity was average, and no more. Fortunately, the upper part of the panel showed the same lighting deficit as the lower part. In actual viewing, we saw few halos of light.

Latency, Doggone It

That was our reaction. Sony insists on making some dubious technological choices. Why? Sony promised lower latency for the SDM-HS95P, and they've kept the promise - but in what proportions?

Readings have dropped from 130 ms of latency in the worst case on the SDM-HS94P to 50 ms on the SDM-HS95P. Some improvement...

But it's still pitiful - there's just no other word for it. And why? Because Sony insists on staying with moribund technological choices. You can look at the latency profiles of all the Sony monitors tested here at Tom's Hardware over the past year, and it's systematically the same profile. Latency explodes when the color range is narrow. It's high time that Sony realizes that this technology is hell for gamers. The panels are just too slow, and all the optical filters in the world can't change that. This technology is just not suited to users' requirements.