Do The New 19" LCDs Pass Muster?

Spatial Uniformity

The results were average, with the values all grouped within 15% of the total range.

Not The Fastest

The panel's latency was perfectly constant, but it's not the fastest - the fall time is a little higher than on the Samsung 930BF. The result is that white objects stand out more against dark backgrounds. But the VP191b is still among the fastest panels on the market.

In Practice

Finding a comfortable working position was easy. The wide viewing angles let you work in portrait mode without having to adjust the panel height and angle too much. We found text a little less sharp using the VGA input, but that problem cleared up when we used the DVI input.

The VP191b proved to be very good for gaming. Games take full advantage of the panel's low latency, and the good black level means that the atmosphere really comes across in murky, gloomy game decors.

The VP191b performed fairly well for screening movies. First, as we've mentioned, its viewing angles are wider, and its black level is very deep, which is naturally an advantage when screening DVDs in 16:9 format. Less video noise was visible on color masses, but we did see artifacts in tracking shots against shaded backgrounds, so we're still short of perfection. All that said, the VP191b is still the LCD monitor we recommend for video - its performance is clearly above that of the competition.