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Do You Want a 16:9 LCD Monitor Now?

In Use

Unfortunately, this monitor disappointed us. Gaming is possible on it, but we can't go so far as to say it was enjoyable. First of all, few games use a resolution of 1920x1200. You can play in centered 1600x1200 without loss of quality, but you'll need a lot of graphics muscle to do it. At anything less than 1600x1200, the display was frankly blurry. And remanence was still perceptible despite the overdrive.

Video Games

And video? The viewing angles, despite their slightly optimistic specification, were fairly good, but too much video noise was visible on color masses. That always leaves a bad taste.


This monitor wouldn't be ideal for photographic use either, since the color fidelity isn't up to the task and the adjustments aren't fine enough. That obviously leaves office applications, and with its well-calculated brightness, word processing was a real joy on a monitor this size. But buying a 23" pro monitor just for working on documents isn't a very rational investment.


At more than $1000, unfortunately, the VP231WB is not a good buy.