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Do You Want a 16:9 LCD Monitor Now?

Spatial Uniformity

The 2405FPW did extremely well here - our hat is off! Despite some measurements that are extreme for an IT monitor, it showed remarkable uniformity. We were beginning to give up hope of finding good uniformity on a panel this size.

The intensity values were all within 15% of the total range over most of the visible surface. The bottom of the panel was a little less bright than the top, but nothing unacceptable. The effect on movie playback was negligible.

The Latency Bazaar

All manner of claims have been made about this panel's latency - from 25 ms to 8 ms G2G (gray to gray). As usual, this is an area where manufacturers seem to have called a truce on objectivity. So we took our own latency measurements.

The profile was strange to say the least. Our tests showed that the unit uses overdrive to attain the latency figures you see here. Overdrive is not a miracle solution, as you can see, since latency did reach 23 ms in the worst case. That's better than most TN+ film panels on the market, but it's still quite short of the ViewSonic VP930b's performance.