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Do You Want a 16:9 LCD Monitor Now?

Spatial Uniformity

Overall, uniformity was acceptable. Nevertheless, note that on the model we were sent for testing, the lower part of the panel showed a left/right dissymmetry. On the left, the image was brighter than on the right, and unfortunately it was visible to the eye. With a black image, a halo was noticeable at that spot.

Overall, the VP231WB's static performance was rather average, and even a little disappointing. The color range was rich, but the colors lacked fidelity.

Overdrive In Action?

While the effects of the Overdrive technology were detectable on the VP231WB, the impact on performance was minimal.

With a peak at 23 ms, performance was better than on a lot of TN+film panels we've tested here, but it was clearly behind ViewSonic's VP930b.