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Do You Want a 16:9 LCD Monitor Now?


Very fortunately, the panel's acceleration wasn't accompanied by a deterioration in the signal. That's understandable given the limited improvement in remanence.

In Use

This unit's resolution also makes it nice to use for office applications. But the brightness was a little high, to the point that you'd do better to choose the Acer AL2032W if you like this format. Philips has made no particular effort at good color rendering, so it's better not to count on using this unit for photo retouching - except maybe for removing red-eye from the pictures of Aunt Hortense's birthday party...

Video gaming is possible with this monitor. Let's say it's acceptable. But it's far from performing as well as the best 4:3 monitors. Hard-core gamers would do better to forget about 16:9 for the time being.

Video Games

The 200W6 did a little better than the AL2032W with video. The Philips monitor was a little less noisy, and its viewing angles were just as wide. But the sound was frankly worse, both for music and for DVD soundtracks.


The bottom line is that the 200W6's features are fairly close to those of the Acer AL2032W, but with more limited connectivity, a finish that's not as nice and clunkier ergonomics. So for the time being we'd choose the Acer AL2032W instead.