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Do You Want a 16:9 LCD Monitor Now?


Our calibration test on the Sony SDM-P234 showed very good fidelity.

Our tests revealed that 90% of the colors were perfect, and 95% were good. However, the darkest colors didn't render well. So this Sony didn't come close to matching the ViewSonic VP930.

Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.46190413: 1

The panel's contrast was good. Brightness, for once, was at a good level, and the black level was quite respectable. Note, too, that Sony has left off its X-Black filter, which is supposed to be a miracle solution to get unprecedented contrast. As you know by now, we don't like X-Black, and Sony's not using it on their top-of-the-line monitors proves we're right.

In any case, the contrast showed very good stability without the X-Black filter.

We tested the display's color gamut.

Sony hasn't gone out of their way. This unit covers the sRGB standard and no more. Note that for optimum performance, especially for photographic use, you'll need to tweak the adjustments yourself. The default sRGB setting was a little cold, as was the 6500K preset. But it didn't take much to get the desired temperature. We got the best results with manual adjustments at R=125, G=128 and B=126.