Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

W-Force Super Panel: Made Only For A Single CPU Fan

The 5.25" faceplate of the W-Force device allows control of three heat sensors but only controls one fan. An extra-large stepless dial is used for setting the connected fan. If the fan rotates at less than 1,500 rpm, however, the W-Force makes a signal tone; therefore the W-Force is not suited for 120 mm system fans. When one of the temperature gauges reaches the 65 degrees Celsius mark the device gives off a tone that only stops when the problem has been resolved.

Only one fan can be controlled using the Super Panel from W-Force.

That's how an alarm function should sound. You'll never mistake that one.

The display shows one temperature reading along with the CPU fan rotation.

USB 2.0 and Firewire can be brought to the front through the W-Force.

Hooking up the fan to the front jacks is done internally.

Siggy Moersch