Fighting Fan Noise Pollution


Technical Data

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Manufacturer/ ModelCooler Master Aerogate ISunbeam RheobusZalman ZM-MFC 1
Mounting Widthfor 5.25"for 5.25"for 5.25"
Dimensions149 x 43 x 70 mm149 x 43 x 105 mm149 x 43 x 62 mm
Fan Control
No. of fans (max)4x4x6x
Regulator4x KnobsKnobs4x + 2x switches
Fan Voltage7 - 12 Volt0 - 12 Volt5 - 12 Volt
Fan StartupPresetPresetPreset
Accessories Included
Sensor cablenonono
Additional Front Panelsnonono
Molex Cable4xno2x
Motherboard Signal Cablenono2x
User Manualyesyesyes
Cable Tiesnonono
5.25" mounting accessorynonono
Siggy Moersch