Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Superflower Fan Master: Twin Of Akasa Fan Controller

With the exception of the writing on the faceplate, the Superflower Fan Master is identical to the Akasa Fan Controller. The functions are 100% the same, even the blue lighting for the sliding control. The sole difference is in the documentation, which appears in an Asian language along with English. With six exchangeable faceplates, the Fan Master can go with almost any case color.

Four fans and four sensors can be connected with the Fan Master.

Listen to the alarm sound

Even the alarm signal sounds like that of its twin

Faceplates are exchangeable so they can match almost any PC case.

The three keys T / F / C are for configuring the Fan Master

The display can take on seven different colors.

Four dials glow with a steady blue.

A small Piezo speaker provides an acoustic signal when fans are not moving.

Siggy Moersch