Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Zalman ZM-MFC1: 6-fan Controller

The Zalman fan controller runs a maximum of six fans, four of which are operated via potentiometer and two by toggle switch. The two toggle switches correspond to one to five volts and six to 12 volts. In the third position, power is switched off, stopping the connected fan. The other four dials are freely adjustable. The more power is released, the faster the fans turn and the faster the monitoring LED blinks. Installation was difficult with a number of PC cases that employed installation rails.

Installation can be difficult with cases having installation rails.

Four fans are operable at any level between five and 12 volts.

The red LED signals that the SW1 fan is running at maximum speed.

Four of the six fans are connected with the fan control unit by plugs.

Siggy Moersch