Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Antec HD Cooler: Monitored Hard Drive Cooling

The mounting frame for a 3.5" hard drive is built into a free 5.25" bay. A display on the front alternately shows the temperature data from the two sensors that get placed inside the computer. The display can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit internally using a DIP switch. Two small 40 mm fans next to the metal frame provide cooling of the mounted hard drive. At a level of 45 degrees Celsius/113 Fahrenheit the LED’s in the display start blinking. An acoustic signal would be better, but there is none with the Antec HD Cooler.

The module fits into a free 5.25" bay.

Easy-to-read display. Switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Two small 40 mm fans provide cooling for the hard drive.

Siggy Moersch