Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Fan Controls With Display And Hard Drive Cooling

The following test candidates are also suitable for controlling 3.5" hard drive cooling fans. It doesn't matter what type of connection the disk has. With all of these devices the disks are placed into a metal bracket and cooled with the use of a heat sensor and/or small fans. Even fast disks with 10,000 or 15,000 rpm can be cooled down this way. In addition, the space that would be wasted by a fan control is used optimally. Additional plug-ins on the fan controller's front for USB, FireWire and audio connections add considerably to its value. Unfortunately, however, only one of the fan controllers tested was equipped this way.

Cooler Master Cooldrive 4: Fan Control Included

At first you think the thing is a car radio. This impression is deceiving, however. The Cooldrive 4 is a combination product consisting of the Aero Gate II and a hard drive bracket. The actual fan controller of the Aero Gate II supports four fans and four sensors. The different temperature displays and the connected fans appear in the easy-to-read, blue-lit display. With the push of a button, the display changes.

That's no car radio, its a fan control with HDD bracket.

The alarm tone is easy to hear.

The display lights up in a permanent dark blue.

Not a lot: only one fan and one temperature are displayed

Control element: uncomplex and simple to operate

A 3.5" hard drive will later be put in here

Siggy Moersch