Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Akasa Fan Controller: Exchangeable Faceplates

Akasa’s Fan Controller offers up to four system fans and simultaneously monitors four different temperatures. Four separate dials are used to set the fans anywhere between 7 and 12 Volts. With 120mm fans that always turn more slowly, rotation rates can fall below 600 rpm at a seven-volt setting, thus triggering the alarm function. The beeping stops automatically after about 20 seconds. A lovely multi-colored display shows one fan and one sensor at a time. Switching to the next fan and sensor is done by push button. Included in the package with the Akasa fan controller are several different faceplates, so that this fan controller can match almost any PC case.

With some cases, installing the small device is problematic.

Listen to the alarm sound

It sounds like you’re at Mc Donald’s, when the fries are done.

Colorful : An array of different faceplates

Pleasant : Four dials glow in blue.

The background color changes with a push of a button.

The fan controller provides power to the separate fans.

Siggy Moersch