Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Jetart Xpanel DT 5000: More Racket Than Utility

The system start of the DT5000 is both dramatic and irritating. You can tell that the Xpanel is on not only because the display lights up, but also by the excruciating little tune from the Piezo speaker within the device. It doesn't take long for it to play through the scales, but this will really wake you up after you turn on your computer in the morning. This ridiculous function cannot be turned off, so your neighbors will be thrilled.

The XPanel is activated when the computer is turned on.

A large, user-friendly dial is used for controlling the fans, which can also switch between the three fans and sensor cable. The sensor data can be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Xpanel DT5000 also features ports on the front for audio, USB and Firewire; the cables included are attached to the corresponding slots on the back of the PC. Fan control is done via pulse method, in which the fans are driven by electricity pulses and do not have their voltage reduced, as is the case with most other fan controllers. This causes a constant and very unpleasant rattling sound, especially with smaller fans. The rattling can hardly be heard though with 120 mm system fans.

The Xpanel DT5000 fan control is multi-functional.

Listen to the fan sound

The signal tone sounds like somebody getting murdered.

The DT5000 fits into a 5.25" bay.

This large dial is for controlling all of the fans.

Several ports are built into the front

A 3.5" hard drive can be installed into the casing.

Siggy Moersch