Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Jetart Xpanel DT 6000: Pulse Fan Control

In contrast to the other fan controls, the DT6000 does not lower operating voltage but rather pulses it. That means that the DT 6000 interrupts the current as soon as a certain fan rpm level has been reached. This has the disadvantage that although the connected fans do turn more slowly, they make even more noise than before because they constantly have to speed up again. The hard disk fan in the DT6000 is of just this sort and quickly gets on your nerves. With 80 and 120 mm fans the pulse effect was not that noticeable.

Hollywood-type special effects. Look out for UFO's.

Inside the control unit there is enough space for a 3.5" hard drive. The large dial serves on the one hand for regulating the fans, and also for switching between the connected fans and temperature gauges. In the display itself only a single fan and sensor status appears at a time.

The dimensions are about the same as a DVD drive.

Awful! Your audiologist and health insurer will be glad.

Fans can be freely adjusted using the large dial.

Only a single fan and temperature status visible at one time.

A small fan cools the hard drive, which can also be regulated.

Siggy Moersch