Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

System Fan Measuring 12 Cm In Diameter

120 mm fans are made to be slower and are therefore quieter. They are available for less than $17. At 12 volts, the two fans from Revoltec still manage an airflow rate of 4.5 liters/min. By comparison, the 80 mm fans from Akasa move around two and a half times as much, but are also twice as loud.

120 mm fans rotate at just under 1000 rpm, which corresponds to 4.4 liters/min.

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Available in : blue, red

3D Edge FAN

Those who don’t have any room to spare in their system for additional fans can install as many as four extra fans in their computer with the 3D Edge FAN. The 3D Edge is used just like an expansion card, yet is not actually connected to the PCI slot, so it cannot cause short circuits. Each fan can be individually connected to a fan controller.

The 3D Edge fan caters for plenty of air circulation in the system.

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Siggy Moersch