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Cooler MasterMusketeer II: Analog Display For Audio Output

The Frontpanel Musekteer II LLC-U03 from Cooler Master is an optical highlight. Two of the round displays that can light up in different colors indicate the volume. The Musketeer II is fed the audio signals via an enclosed audio separator. The two stereo channels are shown in two of the three displays. The third circular meter displays the hard disk activity. To do so, the Musketeer II is connected to the LED output on the motherboard. Where a small LED would otherwise light up, the display now shows the voltage amplitude transmitted by the motherboard. The 5.25" module has no monitoring function whatsoever, nor does is control any fans. It's simply pretty to look at and is not digital like everything else, but analog.

The audio deflection on the Musketeer II is displayed in analog

The round meters of the Musketeer II can light up in up to six different colors


Available in: silver, black

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