Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Think Tank: Midi Tower With Integrated Fan Controller And Cell Phone Battery Charging Station

Instead of PC cases with built-in fan controllers, we took a look at the THINK TANK, a midi tower with an integrated fan controller. The controls for the internal fan controller are located next to the front display, and allow you to control up to two fans simultaneously, although it has to be said the term "control" is rather exaggerated. The fan only has four different settings ranging from slow, normal to fast. There's nothing in between. The hub box is connected to the motherboard and display using the enclosed cable. An adapter socket, attached between the mains adapter and the motherboard, supplies the display and the fan controller independently with power. But the main attraction of this case is the cell phone battery charging station that is slotted onto the side of the case. Using a special charging cable that varies depending on the make of mobile, you can charge a cell phone.

The cell phone battery charging station is attached to the side of the case.

This box is attached loosely to the midi tower case.

The display doesn't really display much at all.


Price: $45

Siggy Moersch