Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Sunbeam Rheobus: Garish LED's Show Voltage Level

The Rheobus fan controller runs up to four fans. What's special about the Rheobus are the dials and the four LED's. Depending on how the dials are turned, these light up differently. In the zero position the connected fan and the LED receive no power. The LED lights up red up until the midpoint at around seven volts. From seven volts and up, the formerly red LED lights up blue. As voltage increases, not only do fan revolution speeds go up, but the blue LEDs also become brighter.

No problems with installation

Up to 7 volts the LED's light up in red, after that, in blue.

Connections for the four fans and the power supply are located on the back.

The blue LED's light up especially brightly.

Siggy Moersch