Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Fan Controls Without Display Or Monitoring

The simplest, but also the most dangerous approach is to use fan controls without a monitoring function. None of these test candidates fared well in the test - without a display and without heat sensors, these products are only of limited use. You can't tell how fast, or rather, how slow, a fan is rotating when using one of the following fan controllers.

Cooler Master Aerogate I: For Control Of A Maximum 4 Fans

The Aerogate I from Cooler Master is only suited for regulating up to four fans. Four small dial controls are located on the front for this purpose. The voltage output is between 7 and 12 volts. Aerogate I does not have a display, nor does it monitor the connected fans and their temperatures.

Small 5.25" module: fits with ease into any PC case.

The color button allows selection of different colors for the lighting.

Four dials are easy to operate.

The Aerogate connects to the power supply on the back.

Siggy Moersch