Fighting Fan Noise Pollution

Silverstone Eudemon SST-FP52: Automatic Adjustment

Once it's installed and configured, the Eudemon SST-FP52 takes control of the connected fans. Manual operation is not an option with this fan control. The unit's various sensors measure the temperature and regulate fan revolutions autonomously. Rotation speed is increased in several stages and then reduced again as cooling takes place. The date and time are shown in the blue-lit display along with temperature and fan rotation. The SST-FP52 has its own power source so that its own internal clock keeps running. A battery provides power to the built-in alarm clock.

Too bad: no fans are located behind the two round grilles.

Too muted for an alarm function. You can hardly hear it.

The display lights up in blue when the PC is turned on.

The fans show up in the display only when they are activated.

Fans are connected either directly or using the included extension cables

This battery allows the clock and alarm to work offline too.

Siggy Moersch