Home Theater PCs: Trendy Cases In Hi-Fi Design

Side And Interior Views

After the lid is removed, the interior space can be seen, and you will immediately notice that it offers not much space for hardware. Even in the case of the motherboard, one has to fall back on a small version, i.e., the MicroATX form factor, which will fit easily into the Hiper case.

The power supply is pre-installed, but did not make a very favorable impression on us. The individual components are only concealed by two plastic plates held together by a sticker, which is anything but professional. When installing, you should be especially careful that you do not stick any tools into the interior of the power supply; this could result in a shock from residual voltage, even if the unit is unplugged.

Interior view without hardware

Two braces stabilize the case

This is where the DVD drive and the hard drive go in

Siggy Moersch