Home Theater PCs: Trendy Cases In Hi-Fi Design

Ahanix D-Vine5 Media Center: A Big One

This HTPC could also pass for a classic desktop, because its dimensions are enormous. At 18" x 16.7" x 6" (46 x 42.5 x 15 cm) the aluminum case needs a good place to sit. But who has so much free space in the living room? When considering how to position the device, the main issue is the depth.

Ignoring the dimensions, the unit has a very elegant appearance. The whole thing is well-rounded, starting with the gold pedestals. On the front you will find the on/off and reset buttons, and another button is provided for later HDTV receivers. Unfortunately, front connectors for USB, Firewire or Audio are not found on the D-Vine5 Media Center.

Elegant and large aluminum case

A toggle button should go in here

There are no other connectors on the front

The display, lit up in blue, is easy to read

Siggy Moersch