Home Theater PCs: Trendy Cases In Hi-Fi Design

nmedia HTPC 100 Media Center PC Chassis: Desktop As HTPC

The model from nMedia comes in different variations, either as an empty case or one with pre-installed hardware. You can also choose your color: black or silver. The front is made entirely of plastic, while the case itself is constructed of lightweight sheet metal. That accounts for the low overall weight of only 7 pounds (3.2 kg).

Desktop case camouflaged as HTPC

Side And Interior Views

The case has a good number of ventilation slits, and they are not restricted to the lid; they should ensure good heat discharge. Unfortunately, none of the openings have dust filters, so the interior will soon be filled with house dust.

Many air slits can be found on the case

The ports for USB, Firewire and audio are behind a plastic door that can be slid sideways. Behind a second sliding door is a reader for multimedia cards.

Front ports for USB, Firewire and audio

Card reader for various storage cards

The pedestals are gold-tone

This is where a MicroATX motherboard goes

Siggy Moersch