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Hiper Media Center: Smart And Elegant

The Media Center Chassis Series from Hiper is more reminiscent of a DVD player than a PC case - even the dimensions are similar to those of popular playback devices. It is only after you open the unit that you realize that computer hardware is supposed to go in it. The models each weigh just under 8.8 lb (4 kg) and are made of lightweight steel. Multiple ventilation slits ensure that no heat builds up in the interior. There are numerous connectors for USB and FireWire on the left front that will need to be connected to the motherboard.

The Hiper Media Center looks enough like a DVD player to be confused with one

Comes in silver too

No shortage of front connectors

A special slimline drive (notebook) needs to go in here

From below it looks like a DVD player

Multiple ventilation slits ensure good discharge of heat

Siggy Moersch