Home Theater PCs: Trendy Cases In Hi-Fi Design


In addition to the case, the buyer gets a CPU fan, as well as various angle adapters for AGP and PCI cards. If you want to install expansion cards, you will need to use one of these angle adapters, which are riser cards that angle the PCI or AGP port by 90 degrees. However, at this point you have to decide - AGP or PCI - because there isn't room for two adapters or cards in the Hiper. As an option, the manufacturer also offers a PCI Express slot implemented on a PCI riser.

Riser card for AGP graphics card (PCI express is optional)

Two PCI riser cards are included with the HTPC case

This adapter serves the purpose of a connection for the slimline drive

This flat CPU cooler is included in the package

Siggy Moersch