Home Theater PCs: Trendy Cases In Hi-Fi Design

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Small slimline case
  • Lightweight
  • Various models/colors available
  • Good design, matches DVD player
  • Many riser cards for AGP and PCI included in package


  • Minimal expandability
  • Needs special hardware
  • Sharp case edges
  • Open power supply
  • Some power cables too short
  • No remote control

Installed Hardware

It is gratifying to see that there is room for most MicroATX motherboards in the interior. Using the included angle adapter at least one AGP or one PCI card can be installed. However, that presents the user with a problematic choice: AGP graphics with video-out or a TV or DVB-T tuner. They won't both fit, because of the size of the case. An alternative would be USB tuners that can be operated on the corresponding connector on the front or back side.

You'll have to decide: either a PCI card ...

or an AGP graphics card with video-out

The following hardware was used:

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System 1
MotherboardAsus K8S-MX
ProcessorAMD Athlon64 Newcastle 3200+, Socket 754
CPU coolerCoolermaster 1HE cooler
Graphics cardnone
TV tunerPixelView DVB-T / PCI card
RAMCrucial 1 x 512 MB, DDR400
Hard driveHitachi Deskstar HDS722516VLSA80, Serial-ATA, 160 GB
System 2
MotherboardAsus P4P800
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz, Socket 478
CPU coolerCoolermaster 1HE-Cooler
Graphics cardnone
TV tunerAopen analog TV tuner
RAMTakeMS, 2x 512 MB, DDR400
Hard driveHitachi Desktar HDS722516VLSA80, Serial-ATA, 160 GB
Siggy Moersch