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Monoprice Dark Matter 42770 Review: Affordable Excellence

Great value, solid performance, excellent color accuracy and contrast for the price.

Monoprice Dark Matter 42770
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To compare the 42770’s performance with other similar monitors, we’ve rounded up some 25-inch, and one 27-inch, panels from our database. We found that all of them ran at higher refresh rates, but they also cost more. Does that mean 144 Hz is a deficit? Not at all, as we quickly discovered. For our comparisons, we used Pixio’s PX259 Prime, BenQ’s XL2546K & EX2510S, Monoprice’s 42771 and HP’s Omen 25i.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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Monoprice Dark Matter 42770

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)
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Monoprice Dark Matter 42770

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Obviously, 240 or 280 Hz will get you a visibly more responsive panel if you have enough video card power to run at those frame rates (see our best graphics cards list). But 165 Hz is only 1ms quicker. The difference is visible but tiny – well worth the cost savings if you’re building on a budget. In the lag test, the 42771 equaled its faster 27-inch stablemate, which costs $100 more. And it’s only a bit slower than the other 165 Hz screens. 31ms is plenty quick and will provide instant control response for all but the most skilled competitors. Whether you’re using a PC or console for gaming, the 42770 is more than competent.

Viewing Angles

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IPS panels have improved their viewing angles in the past two years. The 42770 is an AHVA variant which makes it even better. From the sides, light is reduced by around 30% and there is only a slight shift to red. The top view goes green with a 50% light falloff and reduced detail. This monitor is shareable, but at 25 inches, that won’t be a common occurrence.

Screen Uniformity

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Our 42770 sample showed an excellent result in the black screen uniformity test. We saw no anomalies at all, with perfect corners and edges. No glow was present, even with the room completely dark. 8.49% is a top score in this test and puts the 42770 well above the average.

Christian Eberle
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