NVIDIA's Double Graphics Whopper: SLI Comes to Market

Test Candidates: GeForce 6800 Ultra And GT Twin Packs

For our SLI test we received from NVIDIA two each of the new GeForce 6800 Ultra and 6800 GT reference cards with PCI Express. On the outside the two differ only in their varying cooler sizes. With two DVI-I outputs (VGA connection possible via adapter) and TV-out the remaining features are identical. As is common with PCI Express cards requiring additional power, a PEG power connection (PCI Express Graphics) is located on the back of the card. As even the newest power cables feature only one of these plugs, you'll need the right adapters.

We were unfortunately unable to get hold of two SLI-capable GeForce 6600 GT cards on short notice, as the two models we have on hand in our lab are not SLI-capable despite having connector plugs.

SLI Setup with NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultras

SLI Setup with NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GTs

SLI Setup with NVIDIA two GeForce 6600 GTs - it did not work.